Arla Cream Cheese


ShopRite Tour


New Jersey & New York


Spread some Arla Cream Cheese Love by delivering a memorable and effective sampling experience among consumers in an effort to introduce the new line of Arla cream cheeses and drive awareness around the Arla brand as a whole. The five featured flavors had early distribution at ShopRite grocery stores in the New Jersey and New York. The added challenge of it all… focus sampling in New England during the frigid, snowy month of January!


Partner with New Jersey’s #1 Food Truck, Oink and Moo BBQ, to travel to ShopRite locations to prepare and sample toasted bagels topped with Arla’s Simply Better Cream Cheese. Their certified food handlers and operators were trained to be Arla experts and we were able to leverage their existing health permits to serve and distribute all samples to code.


Sampled at 28 ShopRite Stores and Arla Foods HQ over 15 activation days

Total Samples Distributed: 10,126

Total Coupons Distributed: 4,934

Truck Impressions 326,700

Unique Onsite Impressions: 19,744