Eat The Art


New York


As a launch of Aged Havarti and a complement to Castello’s international campaign of making cheese an art form, we were asked to identify a high food traffic area in NYC and bring to life a pop-up gallery where guests were invited to literally “Eat the Art”.


Six masterpieces were selected that featured cheese and a team worked to source or custom fabricate items to bring the works of art to life. The gallery was designed to be agile allowing it to fit through an 8’ doorway and quickly be assembled with high-end gallery features such as stark white walls, soft lighting, and beautifully framed art. Experienced caterers with food handling licenses distributed cheese samples to all passersby who flooded the terminal.


Castello celebrated the art of cheese with a two-day pop-up gallery in Vanderbilt Hall. The gallery featured six classic works of art framed next to real-life replications of the masterpieces using premium Castello Cheese. In total, ETA delivered over 50,000 cheese tastings, hosted 500,000 Visitors, had 320 media placements, and achieved 27 Million Impressions.