DNCE Pop-Up Concert


New York


Promote the JBL x DNCE partnership with a press worthy stunt that drives buzz and pre-sale purchases of the band’s new album.


TRIGGER(HOUSE planned and executed a pop-up concert in the heart of NYC where fans could pre-purchase the album onsite, 24 hours before it was released to the public. Positioned just outside one of NYC’s largest transit hubs, Penn Station, and adjacent to the iconic Madison Square Garden Arena, the branded experience included a fully functional concert stage with various programming leading up to the surprise performance as well as a JBL fan center where guests interacted with the brand and purchased the DNCE album.


With over 5,000+ fans in the crowd, the show delivered the wow factor that fueled a social frenzy. Additionally, the “secret show” also helped sell a record number of pre-order copies of the album for the band inside a 24hr period.