Paul McCartney


NEW Album Listening Party


New York


Create a unique and memorable listening experience for Paul McCartney's latest album release, “NEW”.


Before the album was released to the public, TRIGGER(HOUSE created an intimate drive-in style, first-to-listen experience for a select number of McCartney super fans and VIPs.  Based on an insight from McCartney himself, “an album's first listen is best done on a long drive in the car,” T(H placed 30 new VW Beetles on a rooftop in midtown Manhattan, all of which were hardwired to play the new album on cue. With all cars facing an enormous canvas, all event guests were treated to a live art installation timed perfectly with the listening experience revealing the album’s art cover at the finale.


An intimate first-listen of Paul McCartney’s latest album “New” at an unprecedented drive-in style experience.  30 premium cars lined a rooftop in midtown Manhattan, all parked facing an enormous live art screen. VIPs were ushered to their cars, all of which were hardwired to play the album on cue, immersing fans in the music ahead of its official release. As the album played, Trigger’s resident artist, JRV, brought to life the 20’ canvas with visual expressions of the music finishing with a grand reveal of the album’s unique cover art.