New York


Create a PR worthy launch event where influencers and consumers can experience Target's exclusive new product line of home furnishings - Threshold, in a relevant setting.


Design and build a life size Target home in New York's iconic Grand Central Terminal. The Target Dollhouse, a 1600sqft + structure designed to stand an impressive 24 feet in height, featured 8 individually decorated rooms and was accompanied by a 1200 sqft patio adorned with over 3,500 pieces from Target’s newest product line. With only 12 hours to erect, furnish & decorate the house and surrounding space, the set-up was pre-built in the shop and trucked to NYC in pieces where it was loaded and pieced back together.


Over 48 hours, The Target Dollhouse welcomed 64,000 guests, distributed 23,000 coupons, and hosted a private media event with celebrity attendees garnering over 150mm media impressions in just the first day of activation. To this day, it is toted as the largest structure ever erected in Grand Central Terminal.